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Forum rules

Please read and adhere to these simple rules!

1. Use concise, accurate thread titles. Your post title should describe your problem, not your anticipated solution. Use terms appropriate to a Google search. Poor thread titles, like Please Help, Urgent, Need Help, Formula Problem, Code Problem, and Need Advice will be addressed according to the OP's experience in the forum.

2. Don't post a question in the thread of another member -- start your own. If you feel it's particularly relevant, provide a link to the other thread. You may include up to 3 links to other URLs in a single post, no more, so only link to the relevant pages.

3. Use code tags around code. Posting code without them makes your code hard to read and difficult to be copied for testing.

4. Don't Private Message or email Tools related questions to moderators or other members. The point of having a public forum is to share solutions to common (and sometimes uncommon) problems with all members.

5. Don't duplicate threads. If you have posted the question in one forum, do not post it again in another forum. You are duplicating efforts. If you feel the thread is in the wrong forum and needs to be moved to another forum, PM a mod / admin to do it for you.

6. Feedback Rule:
* Be responsive - Provide feedback to suggested solutions and take the time to thank those who took their time to help you.
* If you solve a problem yourself before anyone else has responded, post your solution to complete the thread.
* Never edit a thread or post to which others have already responded.
* Advice and well-intended recommendations from all users are welcome. Such recommendations appearing in random threads may be considered off-topic and as such may be moderated by deletion or movement to a separate thread.
* When perceived errors occur point them out politely via private message or the REPORT feature.
* Serious concerns should be brought to the moderation team privately or politely in the thread.

7. Common courtesy is required in all posts public/private, at all times.
* Avoid coarse language (meaning any words you wouldn't hear in Sunday school)
* User names that are deemed offensive or in poor taste are subject to being changed or banned pending discussion between the forum leaders and the user in question.
* All advice/complaints will be evaluated in the spirit in which they are sent. Keep that in mind. A vicious delivery may result in possibly good suggestions being ignored. Don't be the cause of that.
* No matter how angry or upset you may be over any issue, courteous discourse will be expected at all times
* Sarcasm is fun but dangerous in text form. Use it with wisdom.

8. Don't ignore requests by Administrators, Moderators, or senior members of the forum. If you are unclear about their request or instructions, then send a private message to them asking for help.

9. Do not post a reply in a thread where a moderation request (e.g., title change, code tags) is still pending a response. - This applies to the original post and all participants within the thread.

10. Don't cross-post without a link. Cross-posting is when you post the same question in other forums on the web. You'll find people are disinclined to respond to cross-posts because they may be wasting their time solving a problem that has been solved elsewhere.

11. Don't post questions regarding breaking or bypassing any security measure. Such posts will be deleted, and repeat offenders will be banned. This includes posting of links to sites that offer software, code or services to do this or posting of code to remove passwords.

12. Don't quote whole posts -- it's just clutter. If you are responding to a post out of sequence, limit quoted content to a few relevant lines that makes clear to whom and what you are responding.

13. Do not put links to commercial sites or services or to competing forums in signatures and posts.

14. Do not put links to personal sites or services as your sole contribution here on the forum.

15. Do not solicit payments in your posts or signatures.

This is a free forum, all of your free forum contributions will be offered in this spirit, both in posts and signatures.

Want to get your question answered quickly?

* Ensure your question is not too vague. Don't assume anyone is familiar with your problem. While you can upload small attachments, describe your problem in the body of the post.
* On the other hand, skip irrelevant details. Be descriptive and concise. Short, direct, and to-the-point questions with apt thread titles are almost always answered promptly.
* Keep the scope reasonably narrow. Questions like, "How do I set up a Study in OC?" might be a long time waiting.
* Explain what you've already tried. ("Calculation is set to automatic, but formulas still don't compute in excel") so helpers don't waste your time or theirs.
* If your question has not been answered within a day, consider adding another post with any additional information you believe is relevant. If you think your post is good as is, just reply to your own thread with the words "Bump no response", which will bring it to the top of the forum.

General suggestions:

* Don't put your email address in a post unless you're dying for more spam in your inbox.
* Don't ever post personal or confidential data in a workbook. If you inadvertently do, then send a message to the moderators / admins to have the data immediately and permanently deleted. Include a link to the post in the message.
* Acknowledge the responses you receive, good or bad. If your problem is solved, please say so clearly, and mark your thread as Solved.

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