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#1 2017-12-09 12:50:12

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Automate Database Actions

Use power of Microsoft HTML Object Library and Microsoft Internet Controls along with MS Excel VBA to automate any EDC database e.g. Rave, Inform, Datalabs, OC-RDC and many more.

Microsoft has a vast web object libraries to control each events, elements, tags or any attribute that a typical web page has. These objects can be used to simulate any manual actions into an automated actions.

Use of such process can be used to automate Locking, Freezing, SDVs, Reviews and even the complex and time consuming UAT & testing procedures.

Please visit following link to learn more:…/library/a … s.85).aspx…/using-vba-to … nternet-…/

Visit this link to discuss or get help on Web automation:

One can also think of selenium libraries to automate Google Chrome and FireFox.

Hope this helps!


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